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A library of molecules for scientific calculations in Ruby.


Molecules provides libraries of commonly used molecules (currently just amino acid residues and polypeptides). Library classes inherit from EmpiricalFormula which allows calculation of molecular composition and mass, as well as adding/subtraction of other molecules.

I have attempted to use reputable sources and to adhere to standards when applicable. Please notify me of any errors and send me suggestions!


  require 'molecules'
  include Molecules::Libraries

  # Residue predefines all common amino acids
  # as well as some uncommon ones.
  r = Residue::A               # => "Alanine"
  r.abbr               # => "Ala"
  r.letter             # => "A"
  r.side_chain.to_s    # => "CH(3)"
  r.mass               # => 71.03711
  r.immonium_ion_mass  # => 44.0500

  # Polypeptide allows for creation of polypeptides
  # from residue sequences.
  p.to_s               # => "C(50)H(71)N(15)O(10)"
  p.mass               # => 1041.5508

  # Generic molecules may be specified with EmpiricalFormula.
  caffeine = Molecules::EmpiricalFormula.parse("C8H10N4O2")
  coffee = Molecules::EmpiricalFormula.parse("C8H10N4O2 + H2O")

Mass Calculator (tap task)

Molecules provides a mass calculator tap task. Tap is not required by molecules in general, but you get this bonus if you have tap installed:

  % tap run -- molecules/calc H2O
    I[17:08:00]   18.0105646863 Da H2O

Known Issues

  • Polypeptide only allows common residues
  • No ‘Molecule’ class is defined, pending the potential addition of more molecule data (ex: SMILES data)
  • No mechanism for defining large libraries of molecules has been chosen. A database solution may be adopted to this end.


Molecules is available as a gem through RubyForge. Use:

  % gem install molecules


Copyright (c) 2006-2008, Regents of the University of Colorado.

Developer:Simon Chiang, Biomolecular Structure Program, Hansen Lab
Support:CU Denver School of Medicine Deans Academic Enrichment Fund